Kaitlyn Kearn


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An emerging addition to the world of freelance graphic design, Kaitlyn Kearn seeks projects with special creative significance for the independent artist and community alike and constantly looks to lend her skill-set to a worthy cause or innovative artistic undertaking. With her extensive background in theatre, art, and fashion design, each new client obtains her unique perspective, attention to detail and original concepts & illustrations. She is equipped with a diverse collegiate education from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Polimoda (Florence, Italy), and Massachusetts College of Art & Design. In addition to rubencantu media, Kaitlyn's most recent endeavors include collaboration with Sankofa Theatre Company, FURIO Fashion Label, musical group Grupo Cha Cha, and Vermont's own Plainfield Co-Operative. As a full time graphic designer for a well-known residential real estate company, Kaitlyn is as comfortable developing a corporate identity or brand as an out-of-the-box end product. While always looking for new enterprises, Kaitlyn is focused primarily on her current client projects. For new business or collaboration requests, contact Kaitlyn by email.